Healthy Food Options To Help Elevate Your Iron Levels

While it may seem a bit shocking with how far modern medicine has come as well as our concepts of a healthy diet, it is still so common for many people, especially women, to suffer from anemia. If you’re not aware of what anemia is, it happens to be an iron deficiency in the body. Women happen to be more at risk for it because of things like a heavy period flow, breastfeeding, or being pregnant. Having healthy iron levels in our bodies is extremely important as well, as iron is responsible for some of the biggest functioning organs.

“Without iron, our cells wouldn’t be able to carry oxygen to our muscles,” says Kim Larson, RDN. “Even moderate anemia — not just extreme — can cause fatigue, decreased immunity, and even decreased cognitive functioning.”

If you happen to have anemia or just want to keep your iron levels in check, you’ll be happy to know that there are many food options available that are high in iron. One great option for iron is tofu, which happens to be filled with iron and protein. This option is great for all of the vegetarians out there who want to get their iron from non-meat foods. If you happen to be a meat eater, however, you’ll be happy to know that beef contains 3.5 mg of iron in just one serving. Finally, white beans are another great source of iron as these little guys contain 20% of your recommended iron dosage for the day.


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