Are Emojis Sexist Toward Females?

A recent video has been circulating the Internet, causing big waves for women everywhere. With the obviously phone obsessed generation being practically glued to their devices, it would begin to peak our interests a bit as to what exactly goes on in this new era of communicating. One of the biggest communication apps available to just about everybody is emojis, cute little character stickers that most teenagers use more than words. However, a recent video dubbed ‘Always #LikeAGirl – Girl Emojis’, many females are growing annoyed at the lack of diversity amongst female emojis.

“There’s no girls in the professions emojis,” says one teenager says in the video, created by Always. “Unless you count being a bride a profession.”

The male emojis all range from cops, firemen, skiers, EMTS, and pretty much every career available. While, on the other hand, the female emojis all range from bride, pink bloused female who gets her hair cut and does a few hand gestures, and also a princess and dancer. It may seem silly to focus on a recreational apps lack of diversity for women, however, many young girls are using this app on a daily basis. Little girls growing up shouldn’t have to see a lack of options available to choose from.

“Girls love emojis, but there’s not enough emojis to say what girls do,” says one girl. “That’s just how things are.”

The emoji app has around 45 million users, so maybe including more diversity amongst the female characters is more necessary than not.

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