Achieve A Perfectly Sculpted Abdominal Section With This Engaging Workout

Toning and sculpting our bodies can be real tough, especially if our end goal is to walk away with perfectly sculpted abdominals. Abs are one of the hardest areas to workout, since so much our midsection is affected by not only exercise, but diet as well. If you haven’t been seeing the results that you know you deserve, then it may be time to start up a new workout routine. Here are some fabulous ab workouts that will really work your body into gear.

The first move is called the matrix. For this move, you’re going to need a five- to ten-pound medicine ball. Place yourself on the floor in a kneeling position, holding the ball up at your abs. Slowly begin to lean back with your body as far as you can while keeping your knees locked in place. Hold the position for about 3 seconds and then lift yourself back up to start. Repeat the move for 15 reps.

The next move is called the nose-to-knee crunch. For this move you’re going to need to use a Swiss ball to balance yourself against. Place yourself into a plank position, hands shoulder-width apart on the Swiss ball. Bring your right knee up toward your chest. Hold the position for one second, then lower you right knee back to start. Repeat the movement on your left leg. Perform the movement for 10 reps on each leg to see phenomenal results.

So don’t be afraid to don that teeny tiny bikini this summer after using these workout moves as inspiration!

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