Toned Back


Do you ever feel insecure about your back? Feeling as though it isn’t as toned as you would like, and really envy those back muscles you see some people have? Well don’t worry! We’ll show you two moves that really help, not only, tone your back but also strengthen it, leaving your back with some nice definition. Remember though, never push yourself when it comes to working out some of your body parts, especially your back. You really don’t want to sprain or pull a muscle that could result in something far worse, listen to your body and never over do it.

The first exercise we love would be Supermans! These not only greatly tone your back but your glutes as well! Lie onto a mat or your floor with your body spread out in an X shape. Begin by extending your right arm and left leg up into the air. Your body should begin to take shape, as if you’re a superhero, hence the name, supermans. Repeat on the opposite side. This exercise is going to have your back looking sexier by the day!

Another great exercise to do is called the Back Row. Stand at a 45-degree angle with your knees slightly bent and arms straight down. Don’t forget your dumbbells! Once you’re in position, bring your arms up, bending them, and hold and squeeze, then release and repeat in 10 reps. These exercises are extremely great for your back and will leave you feeling sore, that’s how you know it’s working!

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Stress Management

Benefits of Running


Running is an excellent way to burn calories and enjoy being outdoors. The feeling of running can truly give you a high and make you feel amazing. When running you feel so at one with nature and it truly is a great feeling. Running doesn’t have to be something people dread doing! If you’ve decided to join us on the running side, we’re here to teach you how to slowly break into running and pretty soon you will be running marathons.

Before you start sprinting away, you must remember that in order to start running you must start walking! If you start by running immediately you could end up severely injuring yourself, that is why it’s all about starting slow. For every 5 minutes of walking, run for 1-2 minutes. You’ll slowly bring up your heart rate and get your body used to the pace.

Once you’ve started running, never push yourself, if your body is telling you that it is in pain then listen to it. Don’t over pressure yourself and over do it. Soreness is part of the job but if you’re really feeling pain then give it a break. Continue only if you feel you can. From then on just run straight and keep your elbows tucked and arms relaxed. Don’t run feeling tight or uncomfortable. The point of running is to feel free and enjoy it. Running is amazing at releasing stress and anxiety. It is the perfect time to be alone with your thoughts and to just let go of all the stress of your daily life!

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Cardio Fat Blasters


In need of a cardio workout but not much of a runner? We don’t blame you; we also enjoy occasionally exercising in the comforts of our own home! Just because you don’t go outside to burn fat doesn’t mean you can’t burn it inside! We’re going to show you a few ways you can burn up all that extra fat without having to leave your room!

The first cardio fat blaster we recommend would be to do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are a great way to raise your heart rate and really help you feel the burn. If you want something a little more challenging, add a pair of dumbbells along with your jumping jacks to really tone those arms while burning fat.

Another cardio move to do throughout the house would be jumping rope! Jumping rope was always fun when you were a kid, now it can be fun and help you lose fat! This exercise could almost be the equivalent to running. You can buy any jump rope for $5 and do this move while watching TV or listening to music. This one will really get your heart rate up as well. You don’t even need a jump rope to do this exercise. Just mimic the same movements as if you had a real jump rope and it’ll help shed fat.

Another great cardio move you can do at home or in your back yard is boxing. You can watch videos on YouTube and teach yourself to do upper cuts, jabs, etc. It’s great cardio and will really have you moving! Hopefully you’ll consider some of these exercises and burn all that excess fat.

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Suffering From Knee Pain?


For the women and men out there who suffer from weak knees that keep them from working and toning their bodies – this article is for you! We are here to teach you how you can slowly build up and strengthen your knees by doing a few movements here and there. Before you are ready to start a full on workout always remember to warm up your knees with stretching, lots of stretching. Spending time stretching really is an amazing way to not only help build strength in your knees but avoid any serious injuries from occurring. The last thing you need is your already weak knees to completely stop you from working out at all. That is why stretching is a necessity that will relax and open up your muscles and keep them from tightening or straining.

Another great way to strengthen your knees is to work on the muscles of your leg like the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Doing movements like squats and lunges won’t only tone your legs and bottom but also help your knees become much stronger. One thing to always remember is to never push yourself when it comes to these exercises! Keep it at a minimum and if you feel like your knees can’t handle it anymore, give them a break. Last, an amazing way to help your weak knees would be to start swimming. Swimming is an activity that really sheds fat and strengthens your knee and leg strength. Consider these few tips and tricks and find yourself not dealing with those wobbly knees anymore!

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Workouts for Killer Arms


Something we know every girl can tend to be insecure about is her arms! Us girls seem to think they’re always flabby and always not up to par on what we deem to be perfect. If you are one of those girls and you’re not happy with your arms then we are here to help you achieve the perfect toned and sexy look. It’s going to involve some hard work, but we have faith that you can do it!

What you’re going to need for these toning moves are dumbbells, so make sure you have a pair. The first exercise we highly recommend is the Shoulder Press. Stand straight onto your mat or floor hip width apart, dumbbells in hand above your shoulders slightly, lifting them high above your shoulders with your palms facing each other and a tight grip onto the dumbbells. Wait a few seconds, and then begin to release them back to starting position.

Another great arm toner would be the Standing V Raise. Begin by standing straight with your arms in normal position containing your dumbbells. With your arms straight, begin to lift them up until they start to form a V shape. Hold for 5 seconds, then release back to starting position. Last, another great exercise to tone your arms, without the dumbbells, would be the T pushup. Start off into a pushup position and begin to lower yourself to the ground, as you would a normal pushup. As you lift back up rotate your body and lift your right arm straight up as if you’re forming a T. Repeat on the other side and before you know it your arms will be looking absolutely incredible.

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Hula Hoop Your Way to Great Health


One of the most fun, yet beneficial exercises to tone those abs and obliques is hula hooping! Yes, remember those round circular things you used to play with as a kid? Now they’re making their way from “toy” to actual exercise equipment. The key is to buy a weighted hula-hoop, not the flimsy ones your kids are playing with. The extra weight makes it harder to keep the hoop rotating, which in turn, works out your abs and obliques.

Exercising doesn’t always have to be hard work and boring, play some music loud and just move your hips to the beat! Time will fly and before you know it you’ll have already finished your workout! Hula hooping is very beneficial as it really tones your abdominal muscles and sides. Not only does it strengthen them but it is considered to be a total body workout as well. You won’t just be toning your tummy but also be shedding a few pounds too. Hula hooping can help you achieve a smaller waist and is known to burn over 500 calories per hour! That’s incredible.

Hula hooping is definitely something you should consider to really help you lose that extra stomach fat and keep you toned and tight. Exercise doesn’t require crunches or going to the gym to use the exercise machines, just purchase yourself a hula-hoop from Amazon.com for $30-45 and you can continue doing this workout all in the comfort of your own home! We know this exercise is definitely something we’re going to consider doing!

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Goodbye Love Handles!


Nobody wants love handles! This is a problem area a lot of people struggle with and find it extremely hard to get rid of that extra flab there. Do not worry though; all that is needed is some exercise and healthy eating! We’re here to give you a couple of exercises that will obliterate those love handles and leave you with the perfect flat tummy!

The first exercise that we highly recommend for those stubborn love handles would be the Bicycle Crunch. This move really forces your body to move and burns the fat right in your obliques. Place your mat against the floor and lay down with your knees up. Hands behind your head, lift your legs up slightly 90 degrees and bring your left leg to your right elbow and crunch. Continue on the other leg, bringing your right knee to your left elbow. Remember to keep your head up and your chest tight to really enforce this workout.

Another brutal oblique killer is the side plank. From personal experience, we must say this one is the hardest yet effective workout! Start in a side plank position,, relying on your elbow keeping the weight onto the ground. Begin by dropping your hips to the ground, not touching the floor, and bring them back up again. This one is really tough so we recommend about 10-15 reps on each side. One last workout that really works is Russian Twists! These bad boys really help you feel the burn. Sit down onto your matt with bended knees and lean slightly back with your hands close together. As you twist your torso really contract those abs and tap the floor with each twist. Have fun trying to not break a sweat with these exercises!

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Kim K Booty Workout


Everyone is dying to have that Kim Kardashian booty! Whether you were born with it or not, don’t worry because we’re here to give you a few moves that will have your bum burning and looking rounder and plumper by each day! The most popular exercise everyone is talking about is squats!

Squats are all about plumping that booty, making it much larger in size and not only that but increasing your metabolism, burning much unnecessary fat! A lot of people actually tend to do the squat incorrectly; if you are one of those people we will teach you how to achieve the perfect squat that will show results! To perfect your squat, start with your feet hip width apart! Once you are in that position, begin by bending your knees until they are parallel with the floor. One thing that many people need to keep in mind is to never let your knees go over your toes! You must keep your knees tucked in and behind your feet, this is to ensure you don’t hurt your knees or pull any type of muscle.

The next exercise that not only tones your legs but bottom as well is forward lunges. Stand straight and extend your right leg forward bending it while keeping the back leg extended. This one will get you extremely sore! The last exercise that’s a booty killer is step-ups! You don’t need a stair climber for these! You can bring out a chair, a small stepladder, etc. It’s quite simple, just step up each leg as if you’re climbing steps! Hopefully we’ve helped you gain some useful tips and led you closer to getting a big booty-ful bottom!

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Perfectly Sculpted Legs


We’re all looking to get those perfectly sculpted, Victoria’s Secret model legs! The real answer though is how do we get them?! Well, through a lot of hard work and determination! We’re here to give you a few tips and exercises to get you one step closer to those perfectly sculpted legs!

One workout that really works out your legs is the Lateral Band Walk. Start off with a mini lateral band (some can be as cheap as $10!) below your knees and stand hip width apart! This works your hip abductors as you keep your core tight taking small steps. This exercise will really work out your lower half as you keep the tension throughout the band!

Another amazing workout to tone those legs is lunges! Not only does it sculpt your legs but also your bum! Place your right or left foot forward while bending both knees. Remember not to let your knee touch the ground as you come up and back into position! Do 15 for each leg and continue on with your day!

Another form of lunges that really tone those legs is side-to-side lunges. Stand with your body straight and extend your leg to the side bending your knee while the other remains straight. These workouts are definitely ones that will show results along with proper eating and balanced rest. Don’t give up when the going seems rough! Stick to these moves and add your own throughout it! Once you’re feeling stronger raise the repetitions for those perfect Victoria’s Secret model legs!

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Battle Belly Fat with these Tips


Belly fat is something people constantly struggle with. We all hate our muffins tops and side rolls. While some people tend to think that staying away from most foods coupled with exercising is the only way to lose stubborn belly fat, some foods complemented with exercise and well rest, actually help fight belly fat.

Yep, we can still eat what we love and fight that infuriating fat all at the same time! One food that is considered to be the number 1 weight loss food is almonds! These little nuts contain monounsaturated fats and tons of proteins that encourage weight loss! Eat them within moderation and they can really fill a growling tummy.

Something people either love or hate (its goes both ways to be honest) are leafy greens! These consist of vegetables such as spinach and broccoli that can really help you lose that weight thoughout your midsection. Leafy greens contain an abundant amount of fiber and keep you feeling fuller, longer.

An interesting flat tummy promoter is actually Green Tea! Green tea has catechins that increase your metabolism along with many other healthy beneficial ingredients. The more green tea you drink the more helpful it is to burn that belly fat! Seeing as green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee you can drink more cups to fulfill your caffeine fix along with more cups of green tea! Last but not least another fatty burning food would be oatmeal! Replace your morning breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal leaving you feeling fuller for much longer! Oatmeal, along with those leafy greens, contains a lot of fiber that is extremely beneficial!

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