The Odd New Finding Surrounding The Ever So Popular Paleo Diet

As far as dieting goes, none have gotten quite as much attention as the Paleo diet. If by some miracle you haven’t heard of the diet, let us divulge the main parts of it for you. Basically, the diet encompasses a rule that you must eat like a caveman. That’s right folks, if your ancient ancestors couldn’t hunt down or grow the food you’re eating then according to the Paleo diet you shouldn’t be eating it. The types of foods that this includes are processed ones, refined sugar, and dairy products. However, a new study from the University of Tübingen in Germany has found that our ancient Neanderthals may have been eating something a bit too wild for our tastes.

The study states that, “Our results show that the Neanderthals from the Troisième caverne of Goyet were butchered, with the hypothesis of their exploitation as food sources the most parsimonious explanation for the observed bone surface modifications.”

It seems that the evidence that the study found was that “the first unambiguous evidence of Neandertal cannibalism in Northern Europe.”

So there you have it folks, our ancient Neanderthal ancestors probably engaged in some forms of cannibalism. So if the Paleo diet were to go based off of this new evidence, we’d be pretty hesitant to join in to say the least. Not to mention that the diet has been shown to lack important nutrients such as riboflavin, calcium, and thiamine.

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  1. 1
    Stacia Varnado

    very weird finding

  2. 2
    sonia dahm

    odd, but then again, i’ve never been interested in the paleo diet

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